In-home sessions are near and dear to my heart.  And, in my opinion, make the BEST memories.  It's likely I'm currently culling through the images from your session and brimming with excitement in anticipation of sharing them with you!  

I've compiled the following questions that often pop up after a session.  If you have a question that isn't answered below, please ask!


WHen will can i see my gallery?

You'll receive an email within 2 weeks of your session date with a link to your gallery via dropbox.  Your gallery will remain active for at least 2 weeks. Please download your images so you can have them forever.


how many images will be in my gallery?

Shoot and share is my photography philosophy.  No sales.  No showing extra images to lure you into spending more money than you budgeted.  The number of pictures you purchased in your package will be in your gallery.  


I love my pictures!  Can i see more?

I'm so happy you want to see more!  It means I did my job well!  However, I must offer my sincerest apologies.  I shoot each session with the number of pictures you purchased in mind.  For that reason, additional photos cannot be added or swapped after the session.


you took more photos than you shared.  Where are they?

I'm constantly snapping photos during your session just waiting for the cosmos to align to make the perfect picture.  This holds true especially with little bundles of joy to 2 years of age.  This age range, while my favorite to photograph, is especially difficult to get the perfect family photo.  Moms and dads are trying to smile for the camera while making sure little Henry/Sue isn't eating the cat at the same time.  And, trust me, while this one eye on the kid and one eye on the cat photo is good for a chuckle, it's not the photo you want in your gallery.  So, I snap away at the session to make the perfect {insert number of photos in your package} for your photo gallery.  Because you deserve the best-of-the-best only.


where can i print these bad boys?  If you print them at Walgreens/Walmart/CVS, in a decade you'll look back and wonder if your skin really was fake-bake orange, or if that's just the photo.  After all, you did like to hit up the tanning bed, but only occasionally... Save your future self from misplaced embarrassment.  Order your prints, books, and canvases at  


can i upload my photos to facebook?

Sure thing.  Uploading from your computer is best.  If you're uploading from a cell phone, do this first.  Facebook automatically edits every photo uploaded from you cell to 'enhance' its beauty.  Works great for cell phone photos.  Not so great for professionally edited photos. 


thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the opportunity to capture these memories for your family.