I'm so very excited to make amazing pictures for you!

Here are a few admin tasks then a little info that will go a loooong way in preparing you for your session:

What do I need {really} to know?

 1. Be. On. Time. Actually, BE EARLY. Your session STARTS at the time you’ve booked. Please plan to show up, at Burkes Beach (60 Burkes Beach Rd, HHI), on-set, 10 minutes prior to your session time. This probably means getting to the parking lot 13 minutes before your session so you have time to unload and walk your people alllll the way to the beach. Unfortunately, there isn’t wiggle room as we’re working against sunset; showing up late will mean either missing your session in its entirety or receiving fewer images. You don’t want this. I don’t want this. Please. Please. Please be on time.

2. Sometimes it's windy on the beach, be prepared to pull your hair back so you don’t have hair in front of your face in allll your photos. ;)

3. Pre-plan incentives.  Let your kids know in advance, if all goes well they will get X. At some point, all kids need a little boost to keep them going (ice cream after the session, a new toy, staying up late...). 

4. Expectations. A little pre-session pep talk to help prepare your littles could go like this: This afternoon, we’re going to go make pictures on the beach! Miss Stephanie is so much fun. I bet she’ll let you wiggle and giggle. And then when we’re all done, she’ll send us the pictures and we can send {insert favorite relative} your picture. Would you like that? And, we can print one off for your room too. What else should we do with the pictures we take today? Oh, and I just might have a special prize for great listening ears at the end of the session. I can’t wait.

5. The happier they are, the bigger they’ll smile. So bring out all your encouragement. Remind them how amazing they are. How much you love them. And how proud of them you are. This will also help them forget the hour before pictures where you yelled a solid dozen times ,“If we don’t make it to pictures ON TIME there will be NO Christmas.” ;)

6. I'll ask a lot of your littles but I don't actually expect them to listen to any of it (I also have a 6- and 3-year old) so don’t stress if they’re having more fun than listening.  I will let you know when I need help, promise!

7. Try, try, try to get the kids napped/rested and FED prior to the session. This is really important.

8.  Minis are SUPER FAST. It’s like a whirlwind of smiling. Just know that very session has a different feel and flow, but ALL make amazing pictures. 

WHAT do you need to know about us?

It helps me to know a dash about you before you rock up at your session. This questionnaire will help me make amazing pictures that capture the real you.


Step 1: Check out my 'What to Wear' Pinterest board, then head to your closet.  

Step 2: Decide on a style and coordinate your entire family.  Sunday Casual. BOHO. Denim. Preppy.  Any style will do as long as it's You.

Step 3:  Toss all the outfits together so you see how they mesh.   Then head back to the closet or start pondering a little shopping. 

Step 4:  Send me a picture of all the outfits together. I'll help guide you to perfection!


A few helpful wardrobe hints:

Wardrobe is the most important aspect of your planning. It will dictate the look and feel of your entire session. Beach sessions are best in pastels or light colors. And family photographs are best when each person shows his/her own style (i.e. no matching).

Little kids: Add an element of texture, delicate pattern, or light colored pant to the outfit.  And, a hair bow to keep hair out of little girls’ eyes.

Dads: Depending on the style you chose, light blue collared short sleeve-shirts or vintage t-shirts look great. White isn’t my favorite, but if you love it, I love it. Plan on something breathable that doesn't show perspiration. 

Moms: Necklaces and layers look fab.  Long flowey skirts look great! As do light-colored skinny jeans and dressy tops if it’s fall. You’ll be sitting on the beach for some of your photos so be caution of short skirts or shapeless dresses.  And, be prepared to pull you hair back. Some beach sessions are very windy.

Newborns: Babies are best photographed in clothes specifically made for newborn photography or a simple or lightly patterned onsie.  A well fitting outfit looks best. If you’d like to purchase a newborn photography outfit, I’d be happy to send some links to vendors.



Let's be honest.  They're the reason we're taking photos.  If it were just the two of you, you'd snap a selfie and call it a day.  So, I bend some rules, allow a bit of mischief, listen to the littles stories, tickle some toes, and go with their flow.   Kids' eagerness to make photos comes and goes in waves throughout the session.  It's A-OK.  I like to surf.  ;) 

WHere are these minis?

Burkes Beach. The best spots are next to the beach access all the way at the end of the road. They do have meters and take coins. There are also free parking spots at Chaplin Park or along the road.

Walk all the way to the beach. I’ll see you there.

Address: Burke’s Beach. 60 Burkes Beach Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


After I leave your session, I spend hours on my little computer turning your amazing moments into the story of your life.  I edit.  And, ponder. And edit, and ponder.  When I sit back and smile at your gallery, I know they're ready for you.  Then, I send them on over.  This takes up to 1 week post mini session.

how do i order prints?

From your photo gallery! There are lots of print sizes available and I chose a few of my favorite photo items to have in the store as well.


Thank you.

Thank you for the honor of making your family portraits. I am so grateful to be able to take a moment in time last forever. I know it sounds kitchy. But, I promise you, it’s heartfelt. Pictures, especially of my loved ones who are no longer here, have a very special place deep down in my heart. Thank you.