So, you booked an in-home session?  Excellent!  Here are some pointers...


Thank you!

I'm so very happy you scheduled an in-home session!  The photos from your home will be so meaningful to your kid(s) in the future.  They'll tell the full story of this period in their childhood.  They'll remember things from the photos, coffee table books, grandma's knitting chair, specific toys, that will keep those memories alive forever.  They'll see your real smile and your real laugh in a photo.  They'll see how you looked at them, not at a camera in a park you'd never been to before, and they'll remember the love you shared.  All that, and you'll have a great Christmas card photo this year.  Win. Win.


What do i need to do in advance?

Check out my 'What to Wear' Pinterest board, then head to your closet.  Seriously, toss all outfits together on your bed so you see how they mesh.   Then head back to your closet or online to do some shopping.  Here are a few things that look great (in moderation): Texture- a woven wool dress for a little girl, or a sweater vest for a little boy.  Pattern- a single-color stripped shirt on a little boy, or a soft pattern shirt for a little girl with a colored pant.  Blue collared shirts and jeans look great on dads.  Scarves, fun shoes, necklesses look fab on moms. Newborns are photographed in their birthday suit, or clothing specifically designed for photography as found on this Pinterest board.  So no need to pick out an outfit for a babe under 1 month old.

And, for the love of your Christmas card recipients, please don't match.  Still unsure what to wear?  Please speak up.  I'm here to help!


Is there a baby at your session?

For babes 6 months and younger, please turn off your AC or turn up heater 2 hours prior to session. Ideally, it should be around 80 degrees in the room we'll be photographing the tot. Little ones can't regulate their body temperature, so keeping them warm during the session is a top priority.   I have a small heater I'll be bringing with me to help out as well.  If it's a family session, keep this in mind while picking out your clothes as well. 

For breastfed newborns, please avoid eating dairy (milk, cheese, protein powders, ice cream, etc) 24 hours before your session. 


Um, how tiddy does my home have to be?

If we're going to be completely honest with each other, here it goes.  I have a spot on my kitchen counter that has all the mail from the last week, and then there's the pile that never really goes away by the computer.  There are tiny little fingerprints on my fridge that make me smile every time I see them.  There are enough legos for a preschool on the floor of my bathroom next to three different toddler potty options (she has to like one of them... one day). And don't get me started on laundry.  So, when you're thinking of how to prepare your home for the day of the session, think about the rooms that you'd like to have in the photos.  Then, move all the crap somewhere else.  And, I'm happy to move a pile just to make a great picture. So, take a breath, relax, and take the extra time to do your hair, not scrub your floor.  Your photos will thank you.


oH my gosh.  i woke up with zit in the middle of my forehead!

Of course you did.  It's picture day.  But, don't worry.  A zit I can handle.  Photoshop is amazing.  It is easier to fix small blemishes or uneven skin tones with minimally applied cover-up.  So, don't go overboard trying to cover it up.  Let's just pretend it's not there, because it won't be in your final photo.   Just don't forget the eyes.  A little extra eye make-up really helps your eyes to pop.


What if my kid melts?

You're in luck.  With an in-home session, there don't have to be any 'Say Cheese!' moments.  I can make a photo of your kid that you'll love, even on a rough day.  Because that's what you actually want to remember, right?  Your kid being, well, a kid.  So if Harry is having an off day, just let him do his thing.  His hair doesn't have to be perfect, or his shirt tucked in.  All of the little imperfect details tell his story.  And, kids kind of like me.  That always helps.



A link to download your photos will be provided within 2-3 weeks of your shoot.  If you need your photos faster for a birth announcement or wedding invitation, just let me know before when you book.