So, you booked an in-home, lifestyle session... 


Thank you!

I'm so very happy you scheduled an in-home, lifestyle session!  The photos from your session will be so meaningful to your little family. They'll tell the full story of your life with your new bundle of joy, teething toddler and/or rambunctious bigs.  They'll feel your smile and hear your laugh when they look at these photos.  They'll see how you looked at them, and they'll know how much you loved them from day one.  All that, and you'll have a great baby announcement, Facebook profile picture, and Christmas card.  Win. Win.


How do i prepare my home?

Light, light light.  Open all the curtains & draw up the blinds prior to the session, please.  I will have extra light with me, but there's just something magical about bright, happy photos.


Um, how tidy does my home have to be?

If we're going to be completely honest with each other, here it goes.  I have a spot on my kitchen counter that has all the mail from the last week, and then there's the pile that never really goes away by the computer.  There are tiny little fingerprints on my fridge that make me smile every time I see them.  There are enough legos for a preschool on the floor of my bathroom next to three different toddler potty option (she has to like one of them... one day). And don't get me started on laundry. 

*So, when you're thinking of how to prepare your home for the day of the session, think about the rooms that you'd like to have in the photos.  Then, move all the crap somewhere else.  I often shoot in the living room, nursery, kids' rooms, and master bedroom.  And, on a personal note:  Even if you normally have an immaculate could-eat-off-the-floor home, you just had a baby and/or you're prepping little people for family photos.  So, my expectations on tidiness are slightly above Hoarders.  I'm just tickled you invited me over to make amazing photos of your family.  So, take a breath, relax, and spend the extra time on your hair, not scrubbing your sink.  Your photos will thank you.



Step 1: Check out my 'What to Wear' Pinterest board, then head to your closet.  

Step 2: Decide on a style and coordinate your entire family.  Sunday Casual. BOHO. Denim. Preppy.  Any style will do as long as it's You.

Step 3:  Toss all the outfits together so you see how they mesh.   Then head back to the closet or start pondering a little shopping. 

Step 4:  Send me a picture of all the outfits together. I'll help guide you to perfection!


A few helpful wardrobe hints:

Newborn Sessions are best in pastels or light colors.

Little kids: Add an element of texture, delicate pattern, or colored pant to the outfit to make it pop.  

Dads: Depending on the style you chose, light blue collared shirts or vintage t-shirts and jeans look great on dads. If you're dressing Dad for a newborn session, plan something breathable that doesn't show perspiration.  Newborn sessions are toasty!  

Moms: Necklaces and layers look fab.  Skinny pants/jeans/leggins look great.  

Newborns: Babies are best photographed in clothes specifically made for newborn photography or a simple white or lightly patterned onsie.  Let's chat about this.  It's important.  :)


o my gosh.  i woke up with a zit in the middle of my forehead!

Of course you did.  It's picture day.  But, don't worry.  A blemish I can handle.  Photoshop is amazing.  It is easier to fix small blemishes or uneven skin tones with minimally applied cover-up.  So, don't go overkill trying to cover it up, let's just pretend it's not there because it won't be in your final photo.   Just don't forget the eyes.  A little extra eye make-up really helps your eyes pop.



Let's be honest.  They're the reason we're taking photos.  If it were just the two of you, you'd snap a selfie and call it a day.  So, I bend some rules, jump on beds, listen to the littles intricate stories, tickle some toes, and go with their flow.   Kids' eagerness to make photos comes and goes in waves throughout the session.  It's A-OK.  I like to surf.  ;) 


Baking sessions.

Yay!  These are super fun.  A few pointers: prep is essential.  Have all your ingredients pre-measured and in matching little bowls prior to the session.  Pre-heat your oven before I arrive.  And, accessorize.  Cute milk glasses.  Fun straws.  Sentimental plates.  You name it.  A few little details will really make your pictures special.  



After I leave your home, I spend hours on my little computer turning your amazing moments into the story of your life.  I edit.  And, ponder. And edit, and ponder.  When I sit back and smile at your gallery, I know they're ready for you.  Then, I send them on over.  This normally takes about 3 weeks post shoot.  




For sessions with babies...



For babes 6 months and younger, please adjust the temperatures so it's around 80 degrees in the rooms we'll be photographing the tot. Little ones can't regulate their body temperature, so keeping them warm during the session is top priority.  I have a small heater I'll bring with me to help out as well.  If this is a family session, keep this in mind while picking out your outfits.



Okay, perhaps an exaggeration.  But, dairy does cause some little tykes issues.  And, it doesn't show up immediately.  It often starts around or after a week and a half of life or, oh hey, the morning of your newborn session.  So, even if your little one hasn't shown issues, if you’re breast feeding, please avoid eating dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, protein powders (whey), ice cream, etc) 24 hours before your session. 



While crying babies break all of our hearts, they still make great photos.  If your baby needs a little TLC, I'll be snapping away while you sing and rock and soothe your little one.  The tenderness will make a beautiful photo.  And, by all means, if you'd like to take a break and feed your baby (or yourself!), please do.


WHAT should i have on hand?

Pacifiers.  Sometimes babies will refuse pacifiers from parents, but will happily take them from a photographer.   Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water is also a favorite for a lot of moms.  It helps babes calm in minutes.  And, a food source.  Babies and moms often need a snack during a session. Of course, these are just suggestions.  Whatever you decide is perfect!