Shooting with Stephanie

What's the average shoot like you might ask? Fact is, no shoot is ever the same and really shouldn't be, because your family is not like any other. To capture those unique characteristics, those little things that make your pride and joy special, is what will set your photo apart from the rest.

Before every shoot, we have a pre-pro call to discuss photos you might like as well as learn more about your kids, what makes them different, funny, beautiful, and extraordinary. And when we're together, I keep things fun, casual and happy.  The unrehearsed moments are commonly some of the most beloved, so we let kids be kids and capture the magic.

 Have a suggestion? Let's do it. I also invite you to pull selects from my gallery, from Pinterest or from your own baby scrapbook, and I will incorporate those moments into your photo shoot.   This is your shoot, so let's make it perfect.