Yes, there are thousands upon thousands of blogs about what you need for your new baby.  But, they don't happen to live here, on a beach, baby!   So, let's dig in and get you ready for the sand!  Here are a few links to my favorite beach baby products.  What's yours?

Foldable Beach tent

While this takes a little practice to fold closed, it's waaaaaayyyyy easier, lighter, thinner, and all together better than any other beach tent we've tried.  Hands down.

Hat with a neck brim

Hats.  Necessity and a pain in the... I've had good luck with keeping this one on my little.  I bid you good luck as well!

Water bottle nipple top

While I wasn't on board with this one at first.  I kept it in the diaper bag and it's saved me on numerous hot days when I forgot to pack water for the littles.

Sandless Beach Blanket

Need I say more?  

Mustella SPF 50+

4 years in, not 1 sunburn with this sunscreen.  It's thick, and easy to apply.  Hypoallergenic even on the most sensitive kiddos.  It is a little pricey, but there are no evil chemicals in it and one bottle goes a long way.  

Full Coverage Swimsuit

Because applying sunscreen to a moving object isn't easy, I opt for full-coverage swimsuits.  And, I love the full-length zipper for removing a wet swimsuit.  I do think they run true to size, if not a little small, so I'd buy a size up to make the suit last through the summer.